Mina Zarfsaz . C Series/B3 . project6 . 2015
Perception is gained not given. 
CSeries/A1 expands the critique of representation beyond mirroring, by introducing a common metaphor for the mechanics of perception: CSeries/B3 is a room filled with Chroma Key green boxes, where the participant has to displace the green box ‘space’ in order to be able to move themselves through the room. This work puts us in a situation where we understand how much of our bodily relationship with the space is dictated by the space/environment.
We normally consider the emptiness between things/people as space. Once that space occupied with matter (tangible media), then our body movement in a space shifts from a linear format to a complex one where in order for you to locate yourself in a space, you will have to dislocate something else. Here the negative space (mostly considered as space in general) becomes positive. 
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