M i n a Z a r f s a z . Inner Exfoliation. 2012 . Video Installation
Final visualization of three concepts of "distress", "suppression" and "isolation"

M i n a Z a r f s a z . Inner Exfoliation. 2012 . Process Book

Inner Exfoliation is a two-part project: first is the process of looking at the idea of “self” in retrospect,
deconstructing a 3x3 matrix of three agents, Family, Society and Regime, in relation to three voices,
in three time periods. Eventually, this complex narrative is recreated in a new visual language in the
form of a book. Second is a video installation that visualizes the concepts of distress, suppression,
and isolation, which are drawn from the above-mentioned matrix. This video is an attempt to
visualize the concepts that shape this narrative. The process of creating this visual narrative
required reconstructing layers of thoughts and emotions that relate to each targeted agent. The
visual/verbal data created from this matrix repeatedly sheds these layers to make way for the
growth of the final concepts that are visualized in the video. This molting pattern is woven into the
design fabric of the book itself, from the paper to the layout, creating a presentation unique to the
thought process.
Movie Still
Layout map
project poster
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