ENTR 260 . Innovation and 3D Printing . 3 Credit Hours. Undergraduate/Graduate
ENTR 260
In ENTR 260 “Intro to Innovation and 3D Printing,” students will be introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship, creative design thinking, and 3D design and printing. Working in teams, students will practice innovating and coming up with solutions to problems by developing and testing simple 3D prototypes. This course provides students with the skills in digital fabrication and Innovation that meet tomorrow’s business needs today. 
The radical potentiality of innovation is the second core focus of this class where we put your new found digital fabrication skills to work on innovating problems worth solving and generating revolutionary paradigm shifts. This course may be taken as a stand-alone course or as the first of three courses leading to a Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making issued by the Feliciano School of Business.
Covered course in : Fall 2016 (1 section)/ Spring 2017 (2 sections)/ Summer 2017 (Weston Scholars Program)
Sample student work may be provided upon request.
Sample Syllabus Pages: (Complete syllabus may be provided upon request)
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