It in itself
M i n a Z a r f s a z . it in itself . 2013 . installation

Sartre's primary idea is that people, as humans, are "condemned to be free".
It is interesting how we perceive an exit point. Our ideas and perceptions are the product of experiences of real-life situations. In other words, we are caught in an endless circle in the space in which we live, work, do, think, see, and breathe. Any attempt of diversion will bring us back to us, like a twisted labyrinth.

In Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, no matter how much Roquentin longs for something else or something different, he cannot get away from this harrowing evidence of his engagement with the world. This indifference of "things in themselves" (closely linked with the notion of "being-in-itself") has the effect of highlighting the freedom Roquentin has to perceive and act in the world; everywhere he looks, he finds situations imbued with meanings which bear the stamp of his existence.

"We are left alone without any excuse" ~Jean-Paul Sartre
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