M i n a  Z a r f s a z . L U C I D  IV . 2012 . Silver Print . Digital Art . each 7x9"
Lucid IV is a juxtaposition of calligraphy and photography, the former explored through the latter. The first phase of the project involved single photos approached typographically, followed by the superimposition of the actual type over the collection of photos. Both dissolve into each other, thus becoming one. The naked figure’s poses suggest typographic forms. Both the type and the figure are similarly expressive.
The veil is an important symbol in Islam. Lucid is a new exploration of nudity, suggesting the erotic and emotional. Veiling theoretically justifies the figure, but actually functions to draw the audience’s attention to her body, not away from it. By bringing together the expressive stroke of calligraphy and the human body, visual elements of the Occident and Orient are juxtaposed, working together seamlessly.
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