M i n a Z a r f s a z . LTAI II Dystopia . 2012 . Hand made book: Stone, Paper

A communication bypass or a sacrifice of content? This book is a commentary on initialism and how contemporary society abuses it by compromising content for efficiency. The physical heaviness of the book outweighs the content. 1 B B A H A E B (One Big Badass Heavy And Empty Book) is engraved on stone blocks.
The idea is established from documenting and interpreting the visual history of initialism as a sign into a realized form. Terms from our slang terminology like AFAICT (As Far As I Can Tell) and GA (Go Ahead) have  contaminated our way of communication.
Here, the form defines the content. The term form refers to the work's style, techniques and media used, and how the elements of design are implemented. Content on the other hand refers to a work's essence, or what is being depicted. This Book shows by using such slang terms, content loses its value, and the form itself becomes the message.
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