Post hand becoming / post tool being
All media is a transformative extension of the body.

The hand is a fundamental apparatus of humanness — we can grasp and hold in ways that no other species do. In some very real sense the evolution of the hand led us becoming human. To change the role of the hand is to transform what it means to be human. The hand in grasping makes the tool “natural” and fundamental to us. Did the human body create the need for tools, or the way we eat with our hand or other tools, is based on adaptive actions dictated by its environment? What happens when we fuse the basic tools of eating onto the hand where there is no longer a discreet utensil, plate, table or food? How does re­designing the hand for eating shifts our perception of our body and being human in large? Do we see our hand and body as separate things?
Ceramic vessels casted from the 3D printed prototypes 
3d printed prototypes
Experimental serving situation , studying the vessel's environmental needs, surface topology and communing cultures., 2016. wood, casted bread, tea leaves, ceramic vessels and various food items
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