M i n a Z a r f s a z . RE { } . 2012

In RE I introduce new written forms by restructuring languages. Introducing these new structures based on the idea of "bare minimum" in linguistics show from simple rules and ingredients, complex and unpredictable things can happen; behaviors emerge, and, in a way, the system talks back to you. When the processes interact, new outcomes emerge from them.
Using the everyday as a problem, I focus on something lost (old structures of written language), thereby focusing on something now found (new structures for the written language). I have translated the lost as mundane, uniform, repetitive, ordinary, or understood, and the found as it’s opposite to create a guidebook that reconsiders the ordinary.
The layout of the pages of this book also suggests new forms in support of the concept of restructuring.

Published in Art in Book Vol 2 by SendPoints publishing 2015
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