DSN 1101 Visual From I . 3 Credit Hours . Undergraduate
Required for BFA, Graphic Design, BID Industrial Design,; elective for all others. Basic studio course exploring the formal qualities of design as they apply to graphics, industrial and interior design projects. Visual elements, compositional principles, physical materials, and functional objectives are addressed in both two-and three dimensional design applications.
DSN 1102 VISUAL FORM II . 3 Credit Hours . Undergraduate
Required for BFA Graphic Design, BFA Interior Design, BID Industrial Design; elective for all others. Studio Course. Continued exploration of elements and principles of visual form including color. Traditional and electronic media used to investigate the visual impact of communications media, human environments, and utilitarian objects. 
Covered course: Fall 2014 (Visual Form I) / Spring 2015 (Visual Form II), Fall 2015 (Visual Form I) / Spring 2016 (Visual Form II)/ Fall 2016 (Visual Form II)
Sample student work may be provided upon request.
Sample Syllabus Pages: (Complete syllabus may be provided upon request)
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