Mina Zarfsaz, 4CAST, Window on Broad of the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of Arts, 2018
4CAST utilizes augmented reality (AR) and kinetics controlled by a sensor on the street to engage the public through movement and sound. The window space acts as a live entity, inviting passersby to interact. However, despite its intention to convey a message, it fails to do so, freezing the moment a passerby pauses to take a closer look. It is during this specific time that the AR component can be activated, suggesting an alternative space for communication. These contraptions serve as the foundation of an artwork centered around absurdity and communication, designed to steer clear of certain truths and the associated consequences.
The sound component draws inspiration from the BBC Radio broadcast, the Shipping Forecast, using cryptic language to highlight social and environmental conditions in various locations within Philadelphia. The words used are intentionally nonsensical and not entirely based on factual information.
This piece was made collaboratively with Tim Belknap.

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