Dead Ringer, 2017-2018, Multimedia (Steel, Acrylic mirror, wood, various objects, paint, audio equipment, DIY Electronics, Worklamps)
Dead Ringer iterates the re-creation of the mirror space; it reconstructs what seems to be a reflection, but deliberately confounds the viewer by the elements that don't necessarily reflect. The audio tracks are excerpts of text from Gertrude Stein's “The Making of Americans” where Stein employs a limited vocabulary and relies heavily on the technique of repetition as a sensemaking mechanism. The piece also taps into the artist’s inspiration by Attar of Nishapur’s “The Conference of the Birds,” a celebrated literary masterpiece of Persian literature in which Attar in some ways assures that the individual self is but an illusion, and all truth resides in self- annihilation.
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