Mina Zarfsaz is a cross-disciplinary artist, designer & system thinker who works across the fields of art, technology, philosophy, sociology & design. Her interactive, immersive & technologically-driven projects find common ground with works attuned to the particularities of being human & the grey areas that make humans complicated & interesting. 
Zarfsaz is constantly in search of generative arguments that act as playful tools in speculations for discoveries, & enacting perceptions that connect ethics & survival in ways we have failed to consider in the history of sciences.
Her entry point to most projects is from a socially devastated lens: "Our societies are empathy-deficit at large due to the fast evolving technologies —digital or not— & a failure of empathy perpetuates racial disparities, class/economic domination, & normalizes immoral social behaviour."
In her procedural installations, the body is often conditioned by the architecture/space, & is involved in what she calls imaging-along— walking around, bending, & situating, in order to assemble & dismantle expectation— reconstituting new perceptions, & thereby reinscribing new realities through kinetic investigation. Her work seeks to invert common tools & social control to create dialogue, exchange critical perspectives, generate questions & ideally inspire a better understanding of what we perceive as social & cultural realities & their representations in a technological era. She often destabilizes the taken-for-granted materiality of body, object & environment, & accentuates social tensions like division, discrimination, exclusion, or othering on the grounds of race, class, gender, sexuality or ability.
She uses a broad variety of methodologies & practices in traditional as well as contemporary, innovative & emerging technologies including augmented reality, electronics & algorithmic data interpretation with creative coding. 
Zarfsaz has attended Pratt Institute's MFA ComD program & received her MFA from Montclair State University in Studio Arts. She holds a BFA from State University of New York, a BA in Business Administration from University of Alzahra & an Interior Design Certificate from Tehran University. Zarfsaz currently lives in Philadelphia, and regularly works as a lecturer & workshop leader.
Zarfsaz has shown internationally & across New York, Philadelphia & other cities in the USA: Magnan Metz Gallery (Chelsea NYC,) Azad Gallery (Tehran,) Icebox Project Space (Philadelphia,) Vox Populi Gallery (Philadelphia,) Window on Broad of Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery (Philadelphia) to name a few. Her work is also featured in Adjacent NYU ITP Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, the ArtBlog, Title Magazine, NY Arts Magazine, amongst others. She is awarded Leeway Art & Change grant, & residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Icebox Project Space, Asian Arts Initiative, & most recently at University City Science Center collaborating with the scientists at the bio-tech company Integral Molecular, creating speculative narratives on the nature of evolution that frame biases, power dynamics, forms of intelligence, & ethical ways of being & becoming in macro & micro levels.

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