In the wake of the Anthropocene, where humanity grapples with unprecedented environmental challenges, a compelling avenue for storytelling emerges through animated short films. This creative research project epitomizes the potential of art as a medium for unraveling the hidden wisdom contained within the detritus of the Anthropocene. 
The animated short delves into the ongoing and irrevocable consequences of climate change, rampant consumerism, and the inadequacy of regulations driven by human progress. Within this context, climate fiction emerges as a potent tool for fostering hope in the pursuit of a livable future.
The animation is designed to be showcased mainly in planetariums and immerse the viewer in a surreal journey through the chaos of the Anthropocene, characterized by consumer waste and its profound impact on the universe as we know it. By leveraging the unique settings of planetariums, the work aims to add an awe-inspiring dimension to humanity's folly in the cosmos of actions and their consequences. 
This narrative comprises seven distinct chapters, each exploring a bizarre dream or perhaps a hallucination where a singular carrot becomes the catalyst for humanity's self-destruction. Through its absurdity, the story elicits solastalgia within the viewer, compelling them to confront the emotional toll of environmental degradation. In doing so, it aspires to provoke transformative change in society's treatment of the environment, serving as a poignant reminder that, in the Anthropocene, the future of both our planet and the broader cosmos is inexorably intertwined.
Currently in post-production; stay tuned for the showcase details in an immersive theatre known as the planetarium. 

Mina Zarfsaz, Out of Sight, Out of Mind . Animated Short/sample storyboards 1 out of 7
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