THE MAZE, Vox Populi Gallery,: WhiteBox, 2018
A Performance Organized by Lana Abdo: 2017 has been one hell of a year without a doubt. Besides the political upheavals, the Weinstein scandal has sparked a national conversation about sexual misconduct and prompted many to come forward with accusations ranging from groping to rape against prominent men. This scandal wave, along with the #MeToo movement that followed, has given the birth to Lana Abdo’ theatrical dance piece, The Maze, which is, first and foremost, a cry out for women, as well as men, to speak up and overcome their fears and uncertainties. The performers, including Lana Abdo, Brissae Valdez, and Christopher Odom, take us into the journey of a woman in the modern-day dating world which puts into question the myth, or reality, of what is becoming more and more of a norm for people to try to live happily on their own, and not settle before they meet someone they really love and want to spend the rest of their lives with.
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