2023 (forthcoming,) Ric Edelman Planetarium, Out of Sight, Out of Mind (solo,) Glassboro, NJ
2021, Esther Klein Gallery, GAG ACT, (solo,) Philadelphia, PA
2019, Pilot Projects, UpStream DownBody (duo collaboration,) Philadelphia, PA
2018, Window on Broad of Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, University of Arts, 4CAST (duo collaboration,) Philadelphia, PA
2017-2018, Vox Populi Gallery, Dead Ringer (solo,) Philadelphia, PA
2017, Icebox Project Space, A Corporeal Orchestration of Sounds (solo,) Philadelphia, PA
2016, Azad Gallery, Body, Space, Perception (duo,) Tehran, Iran
2016, MFA Gallery, Montclair State University, Imaging-along (solo,) Montclair, NJ
2015, Finley Project Space, Montclair State University, To do-To see (solo,) Montclair, NJ
2015, MFA Gallery, Montclair State University, Situational Echoes (solo,) Montclair, NJ
2014, MFA Gallery, Montclair State University, Varieties of Presence (solo,) Montclair, NJ
2012, Pratt Institute, Inclusion/Illusion: G A P (public art/ duo collaboration,) Brooklyn, NY
2021, Rowan Westby Gallery, Annual Group Faculty Show, Glassboro, NJ
2021, The Clay Studio, Small Favors 2021: Gut feeling, Philadelphia, PA
2020, DaVinci Art Alliance, The Endless Urban Portrait, Miniature Time: Intrusion of the external, Philadelphia, PA
2020, Rowan Westby Gallery, First Ever Since the Last Time, Glassboro, NJ
2018, CruxSpace, Misfit/One Minute Auras, Philadelphia, PA
2017, Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences, WE CREATE, Long Beach Township, NJ 
2017, Icebox Project Space, Future Perfect (Performance), Philadelphia, PA
2017, Index Art Center, Recent Works, Newark, NJ
2017, Vox Populi Gallery, Beef, Philadelphia, PA
2016, Magnan Metz Gallery, Gathering, New York, NY
2016, Practice Gallery, Do or Die... O-Rama, Philadelphia, PA
2016, Studio X, Visual Art Center of New Jersey, Drawing on the Horizon, Summit, NJ
2016, Cafe Sole, For the love of Breaking Circuits, Jersey City, NJ
2015, Alexander Kasser Theater, SWIM (Theatre performance in collaboration with Robert Whitman), Montclair, NJ
2014, Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University, From There to Here, Newark, NJ
2013, Broadway Gallery, Global Projects, New York, NY
2013, Times Square Museum, Not For Sale (collaboration), New York, NY
2012, Pratt Institute, MFA Survey Exhibition, New York, NY
2012, New York State Museum, Best of SUNY Student Art Exhibition, Albany, NY 
2012, Plattsburgh State Art Museum, Senior BFA Exhibition, Plattsburgh, NY
2012, Myers Gallery, PAVA, Clothline II, Plattsburgh, NY
2012, Pouring Light Studios & Gallery, Migrating Passerines II, Malone, NY
2011, Myers Gallery, PAVA, Clothline I, Plattsburgh, NY
2011, Plattsburgh State Art Museum, Motion Exhibition: Fusion, Plattsburgh, NY
2011, Pouring Light Studios & Gallery, Migrating Passerines I, Malone, NY
2011, Myers Gallery, Studio 2011, Plattsburgh, NY
2022, Edelman Planetarium, Sonic Planetary Visualizations, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
2022, Westby Gardens, Earth Day Narrative Projections, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
2021, Virtual Exhibition: FreshBlood
2019, Charles Library, Temple University, InFlux, Philadelphia, PA
2018, Icebox Project Space, Multi-pedia, Philadelphia, PA
2018, WhiteBox, Vox Populi Gallery, The Maze, Philadelphia, PA
2017, Icebox Project Space, X’Cambó, Philadelphia, PA
2017, BlackBox, Vox Populi Gallery, 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 (co-curated), Philadelphia, PA
2020-2021, Artist Residency, Integral Molecular, University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA
2018, Performing Artist Residency, Asian Arts Initiative/Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
2017, Artist in Residence (Sound Residency), Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA 
2017, Artist in Residence, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
2023-Present, Member/ National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity
2020-Present, Member/ Philadelphia Sculptors
2022-Present, Educator Member/ the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
2012-2014, Member and Mentor/ the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
2016-2018, Member, Board of Directors representative, and Communications Committee Chair/Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
2023, Knight Arts + Tech Fellowship Nomination (2023 Cycle)
2022-2023, CCCA STORI Grant Fall 2022 Cycle, Innovative Outreach, Rowan University
2022, Creative Field Experience Award, The Institute of Innovative Media, Materials & Design, Rowan University
2022, CCCA STORI Grant Spring 2022 Cycle, Rowan University
2021, Window of Opportunity Grant, Leeway Foundation
2020-2021, Project/Residency Grant, University City Science Center
2020, Knight Arts + Tech Fellowship Nomination (2021 Cycle)
2020, Window of Opportunity Grant, Leeway Foundation
2019, Innovative Teaching with Makerspace Technology Grant, The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and the Digital Scholarship Center, Temple University
2018, Leeway Foundation Performing Artist Residency Grant at the Asian Arts Initiative
2017, Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant
2017, Merit Artist Grant, Vermont Studio Center
2014-2016, Merit Graduate Assistantship (full tuition), Montclair State University
2012-2013, Honorary Partner in Education, NYC Department of Education
2013, Hiii Photography International Competition finalist
2013, Persbook 3rd annual Iranian contemporary art competition finalist
2012-2013, Merit scholarship, Pratt Institute
2012, Featured in Typography Served, Pantone Canvas Gallery, Pratt Portfolios Gallery, AIGA member Gallery
2012, Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award nominee, State University of New York
2012, Best of SUNY Student Artists finalist, New York State Museum
2011, Motion Exhibition award winner, Plattsburgh State Art Museum
2011, Nina Winkel Scholarship in Visual Arts, State University of New York
2011, Certificate of outstanding merit, 31st Annual Photography Contest, Photographer's Forum Magazine
2011, Merit scholarship, State University of New York
2016, MFA in Studio Art, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ
2012-2013, Credits towards MFA in Communication Design, Pratt Institute, New York, NY
2012, BFA in Art Studio/ Graphic Design Concentration, State University of New York, Plattsburgh, NY
2010, Certificate in Interior Design, Academic Center of Education, Culture & Research of University of Tehran, Iran
2009, BA in Business Administration, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran

2022-Present, Rowan University, College of Communications & Creative Arts
Assistant Professor / Graphic Design Program Head: Design and Environments (UG/G,) Intermediate Graphic Design II:Typography (UG,) Digital Media &Techniques (UG)
2021-2022, University of Pennsylvania, Weitzman School of Design
Lecturer: Design with Creative Technologies (UG/G,) Design 21: Design After the Digital (UG/G)
2016-2022, Rowan University, College of Communications & Creative Arts
3/4 Faculty: Digital Media & Techniques (UG)
Spring 2021 & 2022, Moore College of Art & Design
Visiting Adjunct Lecturer: Independent Studio II & Independent Thesis Studio (G/MFA in Socially-Engaged Studio Art)
2016-2021, Temple University, School of Theater, Film & Media Arts
Adjunct Assistant Professor: Art Culture Technology (G,) Videography (G/MA MediaXArts), Virtual City with AR/VR/360 Video & Projection Mapping (G/UG) BFA Thesis Project (UG,) Web Art & Design (G, UG,) Directed Project (G/Thesis Independent Studies,) Imaginary Cities (UG)
Spring 2020, University of the Arts, College of Art, Media, & Design
Visiting Senior Lecturer: Installation-Immersive Environments (UG)
Spring 2018, Moore College of Art & Design, Photography and Digital Arts Department
Visiting Adjunct Lecturer: Web Media (UG)
Spring 2018, Drexel University, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design
Visiting Adjunct Lecturer: Design for Media I (UG)
2016-2017, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, Montclair State University
Adjunct Lecturer: Innovation Design & 3D Printing, Digitally Mediated Making (UG/G)
2016 & 2017, Moore College of Art & Design, Summer Art & Design Institute & Young Artist Workshop
Instructor: Perceptual drawing, Design Foundation, Graphic Design, Portfolio Development
2014-2017,  Kean University, Robert Busch School of Design
Adjunct Lecturer: Visual Form I 2D Foundation (UG,) Visual form II 3D Foundation (UG)
2014-2016, Montclair State University, Art & Design Department
Teaching Assistant: Sculpture II (UG,) Intro & Advanced Ceramics (UG,) Photography (UG,) BFA Projects (UG)
2012-2014, AIGA NY the Professional Association for Design/NYC Department of Education
Mentor/Educational Partner

2022-Present, Co-Director,  The Institute of Innovative Media, Materials & Design (IMMaD,) Rowan University
2010-Present, Founder & Creative Director, EmZee Studio (Formerly known as: ModulusZero)
A self-initiated studio dedicated to foster creative exploration & artistic research
2010-2022, Independent Designer & Art Director
Working with a range of clients & studios from tech start-ups to luxury brands, educational institutes & publications. Select clients include:
  Production Associate, Craft Translation,New York, NY 
  Design Manager/UX Designer, Levine Design Group, New York, NY
  Communication Designer, Leeser Architecture, Brooklyn, NY
  Graphic Designer, Odgis + Co, New York, NY
  Graphic Designer/Consultant, SUNY Saranac Review Literary Magazine, NY
  Graphic Designer, Plattsburgh State Art Museum, Plattsburgh, NY
2018-2019, Residency Coordinator, Esther Klein Gallery, University Science Center, Philadelphia, PA
2016_2018, R&D Coordinator/ Design Strategist/ Curriculum Designer/ Consultant, the MixLab, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, Montclair State University
Facilitating local entrepreneurial design, Coordinating research management & dissemination, Developing Innovation curriculum
2009-2010, Assistant Global Marketing Director, SGS Germany GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Screening Curator/Presenter, SAS34/ Society for Animation Studies 34th Annual Conference: Animated Environment, Rowan University 
2023, Presenter, Publishing for/as Creative Practice: a Novel Framework for Content and Form Relations, Annual Faculty Research Showcase, Rowan University
2022, Presenter, Prototyping for full dome mapping of image and sound, CCCA Fall Research Showcase, Rowan University
2022, Presenter, An Experiential Lab for Arts and Sciences, CCCA Fall Research Showcase, Rowan University
2022, Founder & Facilitator, Annual Symposium for Interdisciplinary Arts, Rowan University
2022, Presenter, Annual Faculty Research Showcase, Rowan University 
2022, Workshop co-presenter with Jen Kitson (Environmental Science,) NITE LITE, Rowan University
2022, Facilitator, Speculative Futures in Design, University of Pennsylvania, Guest Critic: Dr. Shelly Ronen
2021, Artist talk, The Clay Studio
2021, Artist talk, Speculative Everything, Venture Cafe Philadelphia
2021, Presenter, CCCA Fall Research Showcase, Rowan University
2020, Panelist, Global Perspectives on Science and Art, Venture Cafe Tokyo
2020, Talk/Workshop Presenter, Mechanisms of Meaning in the Unseen: Interpreting Data, Charles Library/Ginsburg Health Sciences Library, Temple University
2019, Panelist, Encoding Expressions: The Interplay Between Art and Science, Venture Cafe, University City Science Center
2017, Presenter, Body/Environment couplings through sound and light, ImproTech 2017 Paris-Philly, University of Pennsylvania
2017, Guest Critic, Moore College of Art & Design
2017, Facilitator, Community Discussion: Women (cis+trans) & Non-binary Practitioners in Tech & New Media, Ulises
2017, Facilitator, Design Fiction Survey Critique, Montclair State University
2017, Guest lecturer, Visiting Artist Lecture Series, Moore College of Art & Design
2017, Speaker, Gallery Talk: Beef, Vox Populi
2017, Moderator, Panel Discussion with Ulises Books: XMedium, Vox Populi
2016, Panelist, 3D Printing Changes Everything, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, Montclair State University
2015, Workshop presenter, Annual Thinking Creatively Conference: Horizontal Body, Robert Busch School of Design, Kean University 
2014, Guest speaker, Gallery Talk, Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University
2014, Workshop presenter, Annual Thinking Creatively Conference: Identity Systems (Realizing Gender in Typography) 
Robert Busch School of Design, Kean University 
2013, Guest lecturer, Visual Culture: Western & Non-Western Discourses, Robert Busch School of Design, Kean University
2012, Presenter, Survey Presentation, Pratt Institute
2012, Presenter, The Evolution of Type in Western & Non-Western Culture: a Communicative Agent of Metaphoric Shifts in Contemporary Arts, SUNY Plattsburgh
2019, Interview by Liz Griffin, Shifting Perception, Title Magazine
2018, Article by Edith Newhall, featured: Dead Ringer, Philadelphia Inquirer
2018, Review by Carl(os) Roa, Mina Zarfsaz presents ‘Dead Ringer,’ a house of mirrors at Vox Populi Gallery, the ArtBlog
2018, Podcast Interview, Moore on Artists, Galleries at Moore Interview, 
2018, Interview, Flying Slippers Blog, A Playground for Scientists and Artists, University City Science Center
2016, Review by Eleanor Heartney, Gathering, Magnan Metz Gallery
2014, Catalog essay, From There to Here, Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University 
2012, Magazine essay, Global Projects: artists at home & abroad, NY Arts Magazine
2011, Catalog essay, The Best of SUNY Student Art Exhibition, New York State Museum
2011, Newspaper essay, Migrating Passerines Exhibition, Cover art: Lucid II, Malone Telegram newspaper
published writing/Articles & work
2023, Editor and writer, Book Object: More Than Human
2021, Contributor, Interactive Article: ShadowplayAdjacent NYU ITP Journal
2020, Contributor, In Dialogue: Everything Magical Gets Fucked, Grizzly Grizzly
2019, Guest writer, From Public to Republic, the ArtBlog
2018-2019, Guest writer, BioArt Residency Blog, University City Science Center 
"Lovesick" in Ubiquitous Genomic Future///Visualizing Bio Data///On Humour and Absurdity in Arts///What Does Biology Sound like?///From Celestial to Cellular Bodies///Lab as Studio: Remapping the Pathways///Patterns in Biology and Nature///Orkan Telhan on "the Design of Bewitchment"///Collaborations in Art and Science///A Conversation with Ben Doranz at Integral Molecular///Artist Talk with Laura Splan///A Tour at the Science History Institute///
2016, Monograph Book, Not X-SMALL, Not X-LARGE, But X-MEDIUM
2013, Contributor, Book design, Designers’ Portfolio, Sandu Publishing Co., Limited, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
2013, Contributor, Book design, Art in Book 2, Sendpoints Publishing
2013, Online article, Narcissaminophen: Asia Awards 2013 Competition nominee, Designboom magazine
2011, Cover art: Lucid II; Published art: Journey, Riot, ZPlatt Literary Journal
2011, Featured photograph: Neda, Photographer's Forum magazine

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